Biochar is a new type of product in the processing of organic waste by fast pyrolysis. It is a black powder with particle sizes up to 1 mm, odorless, absolutely safe (hazard class 5), completely eliminates spontaneous combustion.

By its structure, biochar is a polyaromatic inert cluster compound that allows you to reliably encapsulate heavy metals and mineral elements inside yourself.

  • Biologically sterile;
  • Hydrophobic;
  • It has no smell;
  • The 5th class of danger.

The use of biochar

It is a stable product, very rich in carbon, which is used to enrich soils. The use of a fast pyrolysis product makes it possible to significantly minimize the amount of fertilizers used.

Biochar can be used as a filler in building materials and products (bricks, concrete, tiles, etc.), as a black pigment in paints and mastics, as a recultivant soil for landfills in order to remove toxic compounds from the soil.

The main properties of biochar